Health Benefits of Winter Activity

We know that February can be a hard month to get out of the house, exposing your family to the cold and snowy weather. Staying active throughout the winter is important for your health and happiness. Here are some creative ideas for your family to enjoy the fresh powdery snow! Have fun!

Ice SkatingĀ This activity can be slippery for newcomers, but is easy to get the hang of, and certainly worth the learning! Check out your local ice rink for public skating opportunities. The Rinks at Exeter offers public skate and skate rentals for only $10. Make sure to bring your own helmet (a bike helmet will do), and a buddy for balance and laughs!

Building with Snow Pull on your snowsuits and strap on the boots for this accessible and fun activity! You can build a snowman in your yard; it’s as easy as rolling a few snowballs into snowman body parts, and then decorating with sticks, fruit or vegetables. Kids of all activities can enjoy this activity! Already have a snow family in your yard? Try building a snow igloo!

Snowshoeing People who love walking or hiking will enjoy this activity! Your kids will have fun pretending to be big foot, crunching down into the snow with their big snowshoes. This is a great way to get cardiovascular exercise outdoors in the winter. Most outdoor gear retailers will sell snowshoes and poles (poles are optional). Maybe your neighbor has some snowshoeing gear that you could borrow for an afternoon?

Sledding A winter activity that never grows old, no matter your age! Grab a sled, saucer or toboggan and find a hill to glide down. Make sure to bundle in warm clothes for this activity; you’ll have so much fun that you want to stay outside for a long time! The ride down is super fun, and you get a nice workout climbing to the top of the hill. Not to mention the added health bonus of laughing!