Teens: Let’s Take An Adventure!

It is no secret that important, rapid growth takes place during childhood years, but what about teen development? The early adolescent and young adult years in a person’s life hold incredible opportunity for growth and development, and when nurtured can result in a positive, productive adult!

YMCA Camp Lincoln strives to provide positive, nurtured experiences for youth and teens to promote healthy youth development. YMCA Camp Lincoln’s adventure trips provide boys and girls age 11-15 with an unforgettable adventure and a community of their own. Adventure trips are 5-day, 5-night travel experiences that allow teens to build teamwork and leadership skills while gaining self-confidence and having fun. Adventurers will conquer new heights and paddle the rapids on Rock and River; explore Cape Cod and islands by bicycle during Bikes and Beaches; climb and paddle the rugged coast of Maine on The Maine Event; or delve into the White Mountains for hiking, camping adventures, and White Mountain Exploration. Groups are led by experienced camp staff and limited to 10 teens.

Teens who attend summer camp develop life skills that nurture independence and confidence, creating a foundation that will serve them and that they’ll grow from for the rest of their life.

Adventure trips guarantee life-changing, inspiring, outdoor fun! Learn more about adventure trips. Contact Geof Harris with any questions.