Happy, Healthy 4th of July!

Let the Y help you kick your 4th of July snacks out of the park! Check out these creative, easy, and best of all, healthy snacks to make with your children tomorrow. You probably even have most of these ingredients at home right now. Let the celebrations begin!

Start the day off right with 4th of July toast. Spread cream cheese or butter, then red jam on toasted bread. Top with blueberries and sliced bananas to create your American flag!
4th toast

Snack time? Break into your cookie cutter box and dig out the star: it’s time to make fruit salad. You can use whatever fruits you want (or have on hand). The stars work best with watermelon or pineapple.
4th fruitMake sure you stay hydrated this summer! Fruit infused water is a delicious way to increase your water intake. You can simply put fruit into your water, or try out these fruit ice cubes!
4th fruit waterWhat are your favorite 4th of July snacks? Comment here and we will share on our Facebook page!


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