Staying Active, Staying Cool

While summer might mean no school and plenty of free time to spend outdoors, this heat can get the best of us! Here are some tips to protect your family during heat spells and keep everyone entertained.

Evenings are the best time to spend outdoors. Turn your backyard into a mini campground! Set up the tent, build a (contained) campfire, toast up some s’mores, and enjoy the fresh air while the sun is low. Teach your kids how to set up a tent, and discover summer constellations together.When it’s too hot to be outside, discover your local library. Most libraries have summer reading programs that help motivate kids to read certain books or several books in return for prizes.

Make cool and easy snacks in your own kitchen! Popsicles are simple to make, fun to eat, and will cool your family down! If you don’t have a popsicle mold, simply use small cups or ice cube trays with a popsicle stick frozen inside.

Of course, if you still have to work during the summer or you want your kids to be involved in physical activities or summer camps, the YMCA always offers ways to keep your kids entertained and active during the summer months. It is not too late to sign up for summer camp. Check out the camps that still have space, and sign up today!


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