A Call To Action

We are fortunate to live in a place where people believe in helping neighbors, supporting local business, and strengthening the children and families in our community. The Provident Bank is generously donating $20,000 to area non-profits as part of their annual “Our Community, Your E-Vote”. YOUR e-vote will determine how this donation is allocated.

We need your vote! Southern District YMCA/Camp Lincoln serves thousands of children every year. With School Age Child Care programs in 15 local schools that meet morning and afternoon of every school day, and YMCA Camp Lincoln summer camp that rounds out the non-school days of summer with full day programming, a child in southeast NH can spend their entire year meeting new friends and engaging in fun, educational, and active YMCA programs. That is if they can afford it, right?

Wrong. Southern District YMCA does not turn any child away for inability to pay. Now let that sink in for a minute.

We would not be able to offer such diverse options for programs, to so many children and families, without your help. We need your vote.

Click here, and vote for YMCA Camp Lincoln. Do it today, and then share this blog and ask your friends and family to join you. Help us grow our community impact by increasing the depth of our Scholarship Program.

We are a strong community, and the Southern District YMCA is honored to be a part of it.


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