Dust Off The Camp Trunk

It has been a number of years, perhaps nearly a decade, since the camp trunk has made its way down from the attic. That trunk carries a lot of memories; Camp Nellie Huckins decals, and remnants of pine needles and sand from the shores of Lake Ossipee still wedged in the corners. Summers have come and gone, and just like her big sister (now in college) this summer is Anna’s first opportunity to head off for two weeks of overnight camp at Nellie Huckins. She will have the chance to discover for herself all the magic and adventure that overnight camp brings.

The camp experience is like no other and as a parent I know that my daughter, who is in 4th grade, is ready for her first two weeks away from home. Anna’s summers at Camp Lincoln helped to prepare her for overnight camp…and they helped me too! I know that the YMCA philosophy of nurturing and encouraging our children to be independent, to develop new skills, and to grow socially in a safe and responsible environment is the foundation of all Y camp experiences. As a parent I am assured that my daughter will have the opportunity to improve her skills on the waterfront, archery range, tennis court and outdoor programs and most importantly will become more independent. There is something that happens at camp…special camp songs, traditions that become your own, and a sense of friendship that runs deep beyond the last giggle before the flashlights are turned out.

As a parent I am thankful for the skills and sense of confidence that Anna developed during her time at Camp Lincoln, and when we pack the camp trunk this year and head off to Huckins I know Anna will be ready…and so will I.

Karen Prior and family live in Exeter, NH. Karen is a YMCA enthusiast and we are grateful for her service! Best wishes to Anna as she heads off to overnight camp this summer.

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2 thoughts on “Dust Off The Camp Trunk

  1. Karen-
    We are so excited to have Anna with us this summer! Please check out our blog (www.camphuckins.wordpress.com) for some fun commentary from our staff!

    -The Huckins Staff

  2. My daughter will be a first year Huckins girl this summer too and although she’s a bit nervous for two weeks away from home, I know she’s going to create memories that will last a lifetime!

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