Environmental Responsibility

We are proud to announce that abatement and demolition of the school at 56 Linden Street is complete. By demolishing and abating the old Exeter AREA junior high school, the YMCA has completed the first phase to bring a full-service YMCA facility to Exeter. “Once we took ownership of the property, we sought expert advice on the condition of the structure,” explained Terry Sullivan, Chairman, Board of Directors, “When told that the building was unsalvageable, we determined that community safety was of utmost importance. And as a good neighbor, it was time to remove the eyesore as soon as possible.”

Although tearing down an abandoned school built in 1967 is complicated and costly, the Southern District YMCA worked with industry leaders to develop and implement a waste management plan for the demolition and abatement of the site.  The YMCA established rigid criteria to divert demolition materials from landfill and incineration disposal and recyclable materials were recovered and resources back to the manufacturing process.

The total weight of the school was 7,985 lbs. and over 99.6% of the building was recycled. Here is a breakdown of materials and resources that were recycled:

Concrete 7,480 tons – 100% recycled

  • 3,185 tons of concrete will be reused or resold as gravel base material.
  • 4,295 tons of concrete product was crushed on site and will be used by the YMCA as base material for the new YMCA roadways/parking. Crushing existing material on site minimizes the need to ship and haul materials.

Steel – 342 tons – 100% recycled

  • 20 tons (approximately 6%) of the steel will be reused in other construction projects
  • 322 tons will be melted and reformed

Miscellaneous products, wood, paper, plastic, other – 163 tons – 81% recycled

  • All materials were hauled to ERRCO, 6 miles from the site in Epping. The materials were sorted and recycled when possible.

The level of environmental responsibility of this project is a remarkable achievement. Our efforts to balance environmental sustainability and fiscal stewardship were met. As the campaign to bring a YMCA facility to the site progresses, this vision for social and environment responsibility will continue.



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