Freezin’ For A Reason

Where else can you brave the cool waters of Kingston Lake with costume-clad friends, and support a good cause at the same time? On April 6, YMCA supporters will gather at Camp Lincoln and, on our signal, bravely dash into the icy, refreshing waters. Join us!

Whether you just dip your ankles or take a minute to splash around, it’s the coolest thing you’ll do all year — not to mention you are creating more opportunities for local children to experience the life-changing benefits of participating in YMCA programs year round — at limited or no cost to themselves or their families.

Individual plungers must raise $50 and team plungers must raise $150 to participate; those older than 12 may plunge. All Plungers are encouraged to wear creative costumes.

Did we mention there would be cool prizes? The individual and team that raise the most money, and the Plunger with the best costume (as voted by the Kingston Lake Association), will be presented with engraved, wooden paddles to represent their considerate donations to the YMCA.

Plungers can create their own Plunge Web Page for friends, family and coworkers to visit and donate online. It’s quick and easy through FirstGiving.

There are many ways to participate!

  1. Create your own Paddle Plunge team — Follow this link and Join Now!
  2. Donate online to an existing Plunge team
  3. Join us on April 6 as a “Landlubber”

Join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter #paddleplunge. Visit our website for more information about the Paddle Plunge.



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