YMCA Receives ‘Thank You’ From The Environment

Southern District YMCA continues to make progress in preparing the way for a YMCA facility for greater Exeter area residents. The first order of business was to demolish the old junior high school that was deemed uninhabitable by the engineers, and do it in an environmentally-conscious manner. We hired a local contractor to responsibly handle the asbestos removal and to salvage as much of the 1960’s building material as possible. As the old school has been reduced to a few piles of rubble, with the bulk of the sorted steel, copper, and aluminum already hauled away for recycling, we are waiting for the final numbers to determine the exact percentage of the old building that has been recycled and re-purposed  The number is inching towards 99% of the total weight of the school! Watch our blog for the final report in late February to see why the environment is so appreciative of the Y’s commitment to social responsibility!

Here is a photo of an excavator moving large foundation stones that will be crushed to serve as the base for the future parking lot. See the action at 56 Linden Street!



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