Lexi’s Bracelets

Hi! My name is Lexi. I am 8 years old, and I go to Camp Lincoln every summer, and I have lots of fun. One day, I thought about the people who can’t pay to go to camp. I wanted to help them, because I wish everyone could have this experience. So I tried to think of an idea, and then suddenly (Light bulb!) I had a plan!  I really love to make friendship bracelets and I thought I could use that as a way to start a scholarship for camp. I got a bracelet maker for my birthday, and it made them easier to make. I make the bracelets at home and then sell them for a dollar at the camp store. All the money goes to the Camp Lincoln scholarship fund. My goal is to make at least 395 bracelets to cover the cost of two weeks of camp for a child who wants to come to Camp Lincoln.

I learned how to make some types of bracelets at Camp Lincoln, and some from my mom. I know how to make braids, Chinese staircase, box stitch, butterfly and some others. I make bracelets out of gimp, string, yarn and duct tape. I make bracelets during the school year and sometimes during the summer, and my sister sometimes helps me. (She goes to Camp Lincoln too!)

I brought twenty bracelets to Winterfest at Camp Lincoln in January, and sold all of them!

If you want to help with this project, you can make bracelets and send them to camp, or you can donate supplies to make bracelets, such as embroidery floss, yarn, gimp or duct tape. You can drop them off at Camp Lincoln, or mail them to:

YMCA CampLincoln
Lexi’s Bracelet Scholarship
PO Box 729
Kingston, NH 03848

See you at camp!

For more information about Lexi’s Bracelet Project, please contact alumni@ymcacamplincoln.org.



4 thoughts on “Lexi’s Bracelets

  1. what a great idea, Lexi! I bought one of your beautiful bracelets at Winterfest for my daughter – it’s the first handmade bracelet she’s ever owned!

  2. Awesome job Lexi! And, what a well-written article to boot! It was so great getting to know you over the summer, and I’m glad you are still having so much fun and making such great things happen at Camp Lincoln. Good luck with your scholarship fund!

  3. That’s awesome. You’re Dad and his family were my neighbors growing up, the whole family is wonderful. Could I send a gift card for you to buy what you need? If so, to what store? Keep up the great work!

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