Goodbye For Now

Dear Future Y Staff Member,

I’m writing you this letter because I probably won’t get the chance to meet you for a while. Last week was my last working for the Southern District YMCA. Sad, I know. Well, happy I guess. I mean, you just got a job/volunteer-opportunity/internship here. Congrats! Since I can’t see you in person I thought I’d give you a few tips about the organization you are about to join.

Tip #1: Choose a favorite core-value. Be willing to defend your choice.
Tip #2: Scout will try to get outside. Don’t let it happen.
Tip #3: Peppers. Learn to love them.
Tip #4: Close-toed shoes. Don’t forget to wear them.
Tip #5: Kristina is in charge.
Tip #6: Fleece.
Tip #7: The Eagles are the best unit at camp. Tell this to Will, Jeff, and Hope.
Tip #8: School Age Child Care must be experienced to be believed. Try subbing for a day.
Tip #9: Check out the new facility in Exeter… Be excited for the future.
Tip #10: Bev is in charge.
Tip #11: 5-2-1-0. These are healthy things to know.
Tip #12: Be prepared to explain the circle of life to campers who meet Sammy, camp’s apex predator.
Tip #13: Sometimes Jeff gets this look in his eyes and you wonder what he might be….(cover your ears)
Tip #14: Taking out the trash is a two person operation.
Tip #15: Stick around for fall OE. You’ll see some middle and high-school kids do amazing things.
Tip #16: Tell your friends! We are an open community and welcome everyone’s contribution.
Tip #17: The critters are in charge.
Tip #18: Drive slow down the camp road.
Tip #19: No running unless you’re on the upper green or the sports field.
Tip #20: Go to family night! Hope you get the Oom-Pah-Pah’s.

Hopefully those are helpful. I know it’s a lot, and you’re probably already busy contributing to the mission, and meeting all of the fantastic people that make this place work. That’s cool. By now you’ve probably realized that you are working with for organization dedicated to our community, with people who will bring out the best in you, and children who will inspire you to be better. I’m thankful to have had this opportunity, and excited for you. You’re going to be great. Good luck.

See you this summer,

From all of us at the Southern District YMCA, best of luck to Jake Roy as he progresses in his career as a teacher. We are proud of you and know that you will do great work for your students.

Jake Roy with a camper at YMCA Camp Lincoln

Jake Roy with a camper at YMCA Camp Lincoln


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