Winterfest at Camp Lincoln

We couldn’t have picked a more perfect day to welcome old and new friends to Camp Lincoln to celebrate Winterfest. New England winters seem unpredictable these days, and the older generation felt lucky to share the traditions of good snowman making snow, a fast sledding run, frozen lake skating ice, hot chocolate and a warm fire with our younger friends last weekend.

Children and parents tightened their skates at the waterfront while cheering on young and older sledders as they accelerated towards the boating beach and launched onto the ice. Camp Lincoln alumni and new YMCA friends rolled snowballs into snowman body parts, and found branches, rocks, and Camp Lincoln gear to dress up the snowman. Tall people scooped popcorn for shorter folks, and mugs of hot chocolate were passed around while flipping through old Camp photo albums and reading the history of Camp Lincoln together.

Winterfest participants enjoyed and shared more than a beautiful outdoor day full of winter activity. YMCA Program Director, Nicole Burke, watched as a group of teenage girls held her daughter closely while they glided down the sledding run, and then carried her to the top, only to hit the slopes again. Parents shared conversation about the overwhelming feelings of love and protection that accompany parenthood, and rejoiced at the opportunities the YMCA provides for their children. Camp Lincoln Alumni reminisced about past summers, and spoke anxiously about this summer not coming fast enough. As people told me their long lived ‘Y stories’, I couldn’t help but realize that the young snowman builders, ice skaters, and giggling sliders are beginning their own ‘Y stories’, and the Southern District YMCA is the place where they will explore, learn, and grow.

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