Learning Outside The Classroom

The Fall Outdoor Education season is coming to a close as we serve our last group next week. Camp Staff are working diligently to prepare camp for the winter and are looking forward to winter programming.

At Camp Lincoln we are reflecting on the meaningful experiences and the positive relationships that were formed this year. Over 70 outdoor education groups and 1,400 summer campers came to camp this year to work on self confidence and relationship building while having a ton of fun.

The outdoor education program offers programing for both hands-on, science based learning and adventure based learning. The outdoor educators use the curriculum as a catalyst to encourage self discovery of group dynamics. While working with others, participants find how they work individually within a group and have the opportunity take on different group member roles.

We recently welcomed eight high school student council groups to participate in a regional team-building program. The student councils played group games together before breaking into school groups to work intensively on team building and communication skill development on the challenge course. The staff really enjoyed working with these students, watching them get to know their regional counterparts, and helping them succeed in multiple team challenges. Some photos below are of the Salem High School Student Council on the challenge course.

Richard Louv’s book, Last Child in the Woods, discusses what Louv calls a “nature deficit disorder”. His argument is that many children and adults are out of touch with the environment; they read about it in books and see it on television, but rarely have the opportunity to physically witness and experience components of our environment. The problem with this lies in the loss of valuable lessons that experiencing nature can bring.

Camp Lincoln’s facility features 70 acres of nature’s class room. Campers and school groups have the opportunity to get hands-on, explore nature and reinforce what is being taught in the science classroom.

The camp office is already buzzing with preparations for next spring and summer programming. Everyone is excited to come up with new and different ways to deliver the valuable programming that Camp Lincoln has been offering since 1926.

Yours in camping,

Cory Evans
Program Director

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