Family Camp at Camp Lincoln

Last weekend, fifteen families joined the staff at Camp Lincoln for a weekend full of fantastic activities. This fall was the first family camp for some families; others have a long standing tradition of attending family camp. This year was the Schofield’s 14th year!

Imagine a perfect, crisp, fall weekend with people up in the trees at the high ropes course, the thwack sound of an arrow hitting the target, or the calmness of the lake while out on a canoe or kayak. This weekend was complete with the annual kickball game, pumpkin carving, spooky jack-o-lantern stroll and lots of food!

Some of the daring families participated in a Monday morning polar bear dip. As the frigid fog was rolling across the lake at 7:00 am, folks were in their bathing suits preparing to jump into the water. Immediately after, they ran to their camping unit where a roaring fire awaited them. All in all… it was a great weekend at camp.

Camp Lincoln does not quiet down when the campers and families leave. School groups and other organizations participate in Outdoor Education programs throughout the fall; team-building and learning through outdoor adventure and hands-on science based education. This week we welcome Tenney Grammar School and Timony Grammar School to Camp Lincoln! Until there is too much snow on the ground, Camp Lincoln staff will continue to provide meaningful experiences and make improvements on facilities for this 2012 year.

Yours in Camping,
Cory Evans
Program Director

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